This is a simple but successful way of raising funds for school, whilst giving you an opportunity to win a cash prize every month.
The draw works as follows:

  •  You purchase a number costing £1 per month. You may purchase more than one number. Unfortunately children are not allowed to have a number themselves.
  •  The draw takes place at the end of each month.
  •  There are 3 prizes each month.
  •  The prize money is worked out on the total amount of numbers sold for the month.
  •  50% of the money is used for prizes.
  •  10% goes towards a grand summer draw.
  •  40% goes into school funds.

Here’s an example for selling 60 numbers in the month.

60 numbers @ £1.00 each = £60.00
50% prize money £30.00 (3 x £10.00 prizes)
40 % to school funds £24.00
10% to grand Christmas draw £ 6.00
Total £60.00

You have the option of paying for your number/s either:

For 3 months in advance £3.00
For 6 months in advance £6.00
For the year £11.00- no draw made in august
If you would like to join and help raise much needed school funds please complete the form and return to school asap or for further information please speak to Mr Simper.

Click to download entry form

Thank you