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British Values – Democracy

We had a very interesting discussion today about a very practical situation.  In order to help promote good attendance, I proposed to children that we held an attendance raffle – all those achieving 100% attendance each week would get a raffle ticket placed in a box.  A ticket will be drawn at the end of the term.

Children discussed whether it was fair only one person could win.  We discussed the idiom ‘the luck of the draw’.

I explained to children there were a few options I’d thought about as to how we could organise rewarding good attendance.  We discussed the pros and cons of each scheme.  Children have been challenged to think of other ways in which we could be fair to those who have good attendance.

We then talked about a democracy.  I suggested that we gather all the ideas and then take a vote.  Whatever the outcome, we would know that we went about it in a fair way, even though it may not have been our first choice.

Children, you could record your ideas for improving and rewarding attendance on this blog!  I look forward to reading them.

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