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Waxwork Museum


The Eagles class (Y4,5 & 6) have been writing biographies of influential historical figures.  To bring our biographies to life, we invited our friends and families to visit our waxwork museum, where our historical characters sat like statues until a coin was dropped into their pot – at which point they came to life and spoke their biographies to their audience.

Each of us researched our own biography, put together a costume and props, and typed up our work in readiness.  Parents found out about Marie Curie, Boudicca, Queen Victoria, Cleopatra, Winston Churchill, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Captain Cook, Neil Armstrong, Elvis, Roald Dahl, Martin Luther King and Christopher Columbus.  With the money put into our pots, we raised £30 for Children in Need.

Read our biographies by clicking on our document below (when it opens, click in the top right hand corner of the page to turn the pages of our book):











Our waxwork museum was a huge success!  The best thing for us was having an audience to listen to our writing, and getting compliments for our hard work.

The museum visitors enjoyed seeing what we are working on in class, learning new things about our chosen biographical subjects, and hearing us speak confidently.

A big thank you to all parents, grandparents, governors and assorted family members who came along to support us!

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