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The computing curriculum is organised both as cross-curricular activities and as discrete lessons. All children take part in e-Safety lessons each term in order to ensure they are able to keep themselves safe online.

There is a greater emphasis on developing children’s programming and coding skills in the National Curriculum. We introduce this from an early age, showing children algorithms as sets of instructions and programming/coding as sequences of events. We use a range of programs, apps and equipment to do this across the school (e.g. Beebot, Scratch, Kodu, SonicPi and Raspberry Pi).

All children are encouraged to be discerning about when technology is appropriate to help them progress in their work. They are taught the key skills they need to operate systems and networks as well as being enabled to use a range of programmes to produce and present their work.

We have Digital Leaders in school, who are responsible for setting up equipment and demonstrating new skills to staff and pupils.