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Two full Governing Board meetings held per term: one to focus on resources and one with a focus on improvement (there are no sub-committees).

The Governing Board consists of 1. Headteacher, 1 staff Governor, 2 foundation Governors, 2 parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor and 2 co-opted Governors.

FGB Minutes 23.01.23

FGB Minutes 28.11.22

FGB Minutes 26.09.22


Name Category Appointed 

 Term Ends  

 Bethany Stanley   Headteacher   Governing Board  02/04/2018   Ongoing with    post  
 Susan Richardson   Chair of Governors    Governing Board   28/03/2022  27/03/2026 
 Jane Gibson   Co-opted Governor   Governing Board   13/09/2021  12/09/2024 
 Evelin Athey   Co-opted Vice Chair   Foundation sponsor member   13/09/2021  12/09/2024 
 Mathew Shenton  Parent Governor  Elected by Parents    28/11/2022  27/11/2026 
 Linda Du Toit  Parent Governor  Elected by Parents   28/11/2022  27/11/2026 
 Jennie Flintoft   Staff Governor  Elected by school staff    28/11/2022  27/11/2023 
 Helen Hollocks    Co-opted Governor  Governing Board  10/02/2020  09/02/2024 
 Andrew McLaughlin  LEA Governor  Appointed By LA   26/09/2022  25/09/2026 
Michelle Dearlove  Foundation Governor   Diocese Archdeacon   18/11/2019  17/11/2023 


For further information regarding the governing body please contact