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For Science, we follow the Pzaz scheme of learning.  The documents below show the progressive key learning that takes place in this subject across all key stages.

Science is a key subject where we promote Building Learning Power skills: children are constantly encouraged to question, make links, distil information, imagine, be resourceful, plan, revise, reflect, notice and reason.  We want children to feel that they belong to a loving, extended school family and through the exploration of concepts in RE, this supports children making sense of who they are and how they fit in the world.  

Our golden threads are: ‘caretakers of the world’; ‘being imaginative in order to make the world a better place’; and ‘being curious and inquisitive about how everything links within the universe.

Our overall intent is that pupils when they leave Y6, that through awe and wonder, they have developed a natural curiosity about the world and beyond and how it works.  They are aware of how their actions, and the actions of the wider population, affects the world in which they live.  Our science curriculum is carefully structured to allow pupils to lay the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics whilst being confident when working scientifically to use the disciplinary knowledge around the what, when, where and why of working scientifically.      

Science Key Learning

Science Long Term Plan

RAG Words KS1 Year A

RAG Words KS1 Year B

Science RAG KS2 Year A

Vocabulary Year B KS1

Vocabulary Year B KS2

Knowledge Organiser Year A KS1 and KS2

Knowledge Organiser Year B KS1 and KS2