Our School Vision Statement

Our school motto, ‘A bright beginning, a shining future’, is rooted in our vision at Aiskew, Leeming Bar which is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where everyone feels valued and where pupils feel inspired to learn, so they become confident and independent learners who flourish and achieve their full potential.

Our School Values

Our school values were reviewed in 2015 by the children. They have rewritten them and have chosen child-friendly values which they feel everyone should live by in our school. These are:

•         Friendship – be a good friend
  • Hope – be hopeful
•         Forgiveness – forgive and forget
  • Trust – be trustworthy
•         Compassion – show empathy
  • Thankfulness – be thankful
•         Endurance – never give up
  • Peacefulness – be peaceful

We feel the Christian ethos of the school and people’s relationships with each other reflect these values Everyone works together to make our school a happy, caring and special place to be.


The Aims of our School

To promote and achieve the school’s vision and values we aim to:
•  Foster strong partnerships with all stakeholders and enable them to make a valuable contribution to the education of our children and the life of the school
• Create and maintain an inclusive learning community where positive Christian values are encouraged and celebrated
•  Provide a school environment which excites children and enhances their learning opportunities
•  Offer a rich and varied thematic curriculum using a range of teaching strategies suited to the individual needs of the child
• Help all children achieve the highest standards of which they are capable
•  Celebrate and value the uniqueness and achievements of each individual
•  Encourage children to become independent and self-motivated lifelong learners who will be able not only to cope with, but enjoy the many challenges of the twenty first century