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Aiskew, Leeming Bar CE Primary School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all children, including those with SEND and/or additional vulnerabilities, in school.

All North Yorkshire schools, including Aiskew, Leeming Bar CE Primary School, follow the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership procedures. The school will, in most circumstances, endeavour to discuss all concerns with parents about their child/ren. However, there may be exceptional circumstances when the school will discuss concerns with Social Care and/or the Police without parental knowledge (in accordance with Child Protection procedures). The school will, of course, always aim to maintain a positive relationship with all parents/carers. The school’s child protection policy is available publicly on the school’s website found at

Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility but this is our dedicated safeguarding team:

Mrs Stanley is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Mrs Watson is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Richardson is the Safeguarding Governor. 

Our children are continuously reminded about how to stay safe on the internet and how to seek help and advice if they require it. The following links will help both parents and children with e-safety advice and guidance.

The online world is rapidly developing and many of our children now have access to devices which enable them to connect to the internet, take images or video and communicate with others. While it is important not to obstruct them from developing skills from using these devices, it is essential that parents support their children in navigating the online world.

Mrs Stanley

Mrs Watson

Mrs Richardson

What is safeguarding?

It is the act of protecting children from harm and developing their welfare. 

Safeguarding can mean several different things: protecting children from abuse and maltreatment from anyone, even their peers. 

It can also mean preventing harm to children's health or development. It ensures that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care. 

Safeguarding is taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes. If you see, hear or even feel something is not right, you have a duty to report that concern to your designated safeguarding lead.

In addition to reporting it to the school, there may be times when as a parent/carer/member of the community, you would need to make a referral yourself, for example at a weekend or if it was about a pupil who does not attend Aiskew, Leeming Bar CE Primary School.  The advice below is taken from the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership:  

Where there are significant immediate concerns about the safety of a child, you should contact the police on 999.

Everyone has a responsibility to refer a child when it is believed or suspected that a child:

  • Has suffered significant harm and /or;
  • Is likely to suffer significant harm and/or;
  • Has developmental and welfare needs which are likely only to be met through provision of family support services (with agreement of the child’s parent).

If you believe the situation is urgent but does not require the police, please call 01609 780780 to make a telephone contact.

Should your call be outside of business hours (Monday – Friday / 9am-5pm) please still call 01609 780780 to speak to the Emergency Duty Team.

A written referral using the universal referral form must be completed and submitted within 24 hours of your telephone call.

You do not need to make a telephone contact prior to submitting a written referral should the situation not be urgent.

To make a written referral, a universal referral form must be completed. You must ensure that all relevant information, including parental consent or clear reasons why this has not been obtained, is provided to ensure that the referral can be progressed as effectively as possible. You will receive acknowledgement of your contact being received. Should you not receive this please follow up to ensure your information has been received.

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