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Impact of Pupil Premium

  • Smaller classes/groups ensured that service and disadvantaged pupils received good support. Most pupils (83%) made at least expected progress in reading, writing and maths with the majority of these pupils making progress that was better than expected, particularly in reading. Looked After Children made exceptional progress in all core subjects.
  • Teaching assistants regularly attended high quality training sessions (see evaluations) and responded very positively identifying how they would improve their practice as a result.
  • EMS Records of Visit and language and speech therapists regularly commented on the good progress pupils made in their interventions delivered by TAs from the school. Pupil self-assessment sheets evidenced the growing confidence and self-belief children feel. Pupils who completed the Success@Arithmetic intervention performed well in the Y6 SATs calculation paper and the parent of a child who received Dynamo Maths commented on her child’s progress as being astounding.
  • A disadvantaged child made exceptional progress (14 points on TT and a rapid increase of their standardised score in reading and maths) as a result of 1 to 1 support in maths and English and interventions e.g. Dynamo Maths and Success@Arithmetic.
  • The school is well resourced with interventions that are researched and appropriate to the needs of the pupils. High quality delivery has helped pupils to grow in confidence and make rapid gains.
  • Pupils really enjoy being part of HMS Heroes and speak fondly of visits to other schools and events. Children have been very keen to include civilian children in their group such is the strength and cohesion of the community at ALB. Service pupils feel well supported and parents in surveys say that the school offers good support to children from service families.
  • Extra support for KS1 and 2 pupils has been particularly effective in meeting their pastoral needs.
  • Pupils enjoy the profile they have in school – this has been achieved through celebrating special days e.g. Red, Blue and White Day and attending HMS Heroes club meetings, special Armed Forces services at Ripon Cathedral and an Armed Forces Day at Catterick Garrison. These visits are inclusive of all pupils; service and non-service.
  • Children like the new quiet area and appreciate the opportunities it creates for them to sit and talk with friends.


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