We have all been measuring over the past two weeks using a variety of equipment and language.

Reception and Year 1 have been measuring objects, ordering themselves by height as well as using scales to weigh various objects.  Lots of super vocabulary has been used and we have all had lots of fun!


Year 2 have concentrated on using a range of apparatus to measure: small 30 cm rulers, 1 m rulers, tape measures and trundle wheels.  They are now focusing on reading a range of scales.  K in particular really impressed us with his learning and resilience when tackling some tricky tasks!


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  1. Kayleigh says:

    Well done Kieron. He has always been into measuring things. Especially when dad gets his tape measure out.

    1. BStanley says:

      It’s great to see him enthusiastic about his learning.
      Well done Kieron!