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Topic Homework

Due in Monday 18th March

As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic this term, we would like you to create 1 piece of work.  Here is a list that you can choose from however if you want to do something which is not on the list and it fits the topic, feel free to follow your own ideas!  These are just to get you started!  You may bring it into school before the due date.

  • Create a timeline
  • Write a fact file/create a Powerpoint presentation about life in Ancient Egypt
  • Create an information booklet about Ancient Egyptian gods and beliefs
  • Create a song/rap which educates children about the Ancient Egyptians
  • Create a model of a pyramid
  • Create a piece of Ancient Egyptian jewellery
  • Design a visitor’s guide to Ancient Egypt
  • Create a fact file/presentation on one of the pharaohs e.g. Tutankhamun
  • Make your own Ancient Egyptian artefact that could have been found in the pyramids
  • Make a cartoon strip showing how they mummified bodies
  • Create a short video about the Ancient Egyptians in the style of Horrible Histories
  • Make a model of a shaduf


We are really looking forward to seeing your inventive and creative ideas which showcase your learning.

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