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Using sources of evidence

We looked at some photos of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.  From this we asked questions to tell us about life during this time.  Althea and Sophie thought of some fantastic questions to ask about their artefacts.  They then used great research skills to find out the answers to some of their questions.

In Y5/6, they compared what they knew about life in the Neolithic time with the artefacts from the Ancient Egyptian time and thought about how they compared and what conclusions they could draw.  They decided that Ancient Egyptians must have had more advanced tools due to the detail in the stone carvings.  They also realised that the dead were buried in different ways: 2 bodies were found in a wall at Skara Brae whereas the Egyptians buried their Pharaohs in the elaborate pyramids.  Jewellery was found for both civilisations.  On Skara Brae it was made out of stone/shells whereas the Egyptians used gold.

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