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Visitors from Mettupalayam

Today we were delighted to welcome Venkat and Ramya from Mettupalayam School in Tamil Nadu, India, into our school, along with Rosie and Francis Muncaster, who support the work of the school in Mettupalayam from this country through The Friends of Mettupalayam Trust.  We heard all about the daily life of children in Mettupalalyam and were able to make comparisons with our own lives.  We weren’t sure we’d like to sweep the playground before we come into school, but we did like the look of the food, and wouldn’t mind drinking coconut milk straight from a sweet coconut we’d climbed a tree to collect!  After our special assembly, our visitors toured the school to chat with the children and look at their work.

Venkat and Ramya chat with Y6 children about their art work, and enjoy looking at their sketchbooks.
Ramya shows some of the children the location of Mettupalayam on a map of India.


Next year, we hope to raise money for the school in the Autumn term.

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