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Walk through the Bible

This week has seen the last session of Walk through the Bible with Jen.  We have really enjoyed learning about the stories and the structure of the New Testament.  Children should have brought home a book which contains all the stories they have learnt about.  Thank you Jen for doing this for our children.  At the end of the session we had a time of reflection about the Bible being the most published book of all time.  We also talked about it being so important that in some countries you may be imprisoned for owning one! We are thankful for our individual liberties in GB! It was great to link our previous learning of the Romans and the Roman Empire to the places Paul visited as the early church grew.  We also found out that Asia in the Roman times had a completely different meaning to the continent that we know today.  It’s great when we can make links to previous learning and revise and extend the knowledge we have gained.