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We’ve smashed our French learning this week!

We have the most amazing French accents!  Mrs Stanley is SO impressed with our learning this week.  We’ve revised a series of greetings for our Y4 – 6 pupils whilst bringing the Y3 pupils up to speed.   As well as this, we’ve learnt about France: how to look for its hexagonal shape on a map and we’ve learnt about the countries that border it (please ask your child if they can name any of these countries).  We’ve looked at famous landmarks in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Montparnasse Tower.  In addition, we’ve also learnt to read a range of words.   We now know that if the last letter in a word is a consonant, it will usually be silent.   As well as this, we’ve made a start on learning the French alphabet and being able to spell out words rapidly!  To top it off, we’ve learnt a range of classroom commands.   2 of our pupils are here, showing off their talents to spell the word ‘teddy’ in French.   We then filmed ourselves saying some commands – we hope you are impressed!