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Y5/6 trip to Crucial Crew

We took our Y5/6 pupils to Crucial Crew at RAF Leeming.  Children took part in a range of safety workshops.  Their behaviour was superb and they were a real credit to the school, especially as some of the messages needed a very mature attitude.  Children learnt about about lots of safety aspects including: the effects of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol;  fire safety within the house, including how to use electrical devices safely and what to do if you are woken up by a fire alarm;  the support of the school nurse in school when children have worries; how to be safe around water, including what to do if a friend falls in a river; railway safety – what to do/what not to do when you are around trains; and how to keep on the right side of the law and not end up being given a criminal record which will stay with you for life. Children also had a talk from Barnardos about LGBT+.  They explored what these letters stand for.  They also were challenged with the stereotypes people have when thinking about gender.  Children learnt that it’s okay to be whatever you feel like and what you are comfortable with.  They also learnt that bully someone according to their gender or sexual orientation is unacceptable.  


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