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A Portrait of the Artist

In Eagles we’ve been thinking about Biography and so we took some time to write about ourselves, what we like and what interests us.  We accompanied our writing with self portraits in graded pencils.

Before we began our portraits, we thought about facial proportions, shading techniques and how to create light, shade and texture in our drawings.  


Our warm up exercises included different shading techniques and a series of mini-portraits using those facial proportions we’d thought about – drawing with our left hand, without taking our pens off the paper, with graded pencils and with charcoal.  


Once we’d warmed up, we had a go at drawing ourselves.  We began by using a mirror, and moved on to use black and white photos of ourselves to really study where the light and dark areas of our faces were.  We tried to include different ways of showing light and dark, as well as texture and facial features.

 The portraits and the writing are on display in our classroom – parents, please pop in and have a look if you haven’t done so already.


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