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#globalpal – A New International Project

There’s a lot of excitement in school right now over a little fox.  Foxy Jack is our school mascot, and he’s going on a big journey!

Our school has been invited to take part in a Twitter project entitled #globalpal.  Four schools from around the globe are going to exchange mascots, and find out a little bit more about what it’s like to go to school on the other side of the world.  Foxy Jack’s first trip is to Mr Webb’s class in New Zealand, in a small school in Taranaki (North Island).  After that, he’ll visit Mrs Yollis’ class in Los Angeles, USA and finally he’ll get a trip to Miss Crowther’s class in Melbourne, Australia.  And in return, we’ll have a visitor from each of those schools here at Aiskew Leeming Bar!  How exciting!


Just before he set off on his journey, Katie and Mackenzie took him for a trip around school to share our setting with our new friends around the world.  Here he is enjoying a day in the life of an ALB pupil!

How did we choose our mascot and his name?  We wanted to send an animal that represented our country, so we chose three common British mammals to decide between: a hedgehog, a rabbit and a fox.  We took a democratic vote!  To find his name, children were invited to put in their suggestions.  We liked Foxy Jack, because it used the name of our country’s flag, the Union Jack – so Foxy Jack it is!

Foxy Jack sets off on his travels.

When our first mascot arrives, we will be using the twitter hashtag #globalpal to share news and information with other schools.  Watch out for our tweets, and follow Foxy Jack’s journey around the globe!


  1. Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa School, New Zealand

    Hello Its Mr Webb and his class here from South Taranaki, New Zealand – this is where Foxy Jack is currently now on the other side of the world. Last night he spent the night at one of our childrens houses and farms and went in the milking shed and met the calves. We love this project so much and it has been a great learning curve for our students, most of whom have no knowledge of Foxes and not much knowledge at all about England! Thank you so much for including us in the project we are loving it.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

  2. Roadrunners (Brenda Todd)

    I hope everyone is having fun with the school mascots and the twitter project. Foxy Jack might like New Zealand a lot where he has summer now and not so much rain. We have roller coaster weather this week in North Carolina. There was a snow, rain, sleet storm come through the area last weekend. They called for us to get 7-8 inches with the European model and 2-4 with another model. The weather forecast changed each time it was on. Finally when all was said and done the students left school on Friday afternoon expecting to have a lot of fun in the snow. But a change in what happened was we started with rain then a little sleet for a few minutes and when we got up Saturday morning a surprise (no snow). It did snow briefly around 9 but only enough to barely cover the green grass. Then the temperature lows were in the single digits like 9 and then 14 in some areas over the weekend. Yet just 20 miles up the road they got snow and about 30 minutes away they got lots of snow 7-8 inches. We had such cold mornings school was delayed 2 hours on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday the high was near 60 F and by Friday it will be 70F then by Saturday rain again and 55F so a real roller coaster with temperature. How is your weather in England?

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