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Democracy – British Values

Last week, Mrs Watson talked to the school about the British value of democracy.  This week, we put it into action!  As a school, we had earned 44 minutes of extra playtime because we’d collected 22 metres of loose change for Children in Need.  We had to decide how we wanted to ‘spend’ our 44 minutes.  As a school, we talked about whether we should split the time into two and have 22 minutes extra play on two days or whether to have all 44 minutes together.  We also thought about what the weather was like (it was a bit murky when we were trying to decide) and whether this would influence our decision.  Having spent time thinking, we went to a vote.  It was about 70% in favour of all 44 minutes being together and only 30% wanting the time split.  We talked about how we felt – depending upon which side of the vote we were on.  We all agreed that even though the decision may not have gone to our preferred choice, the process was fair and the majority wins.  We had a fabulous time playing all sorts of games outside and the weather, although not sunny, stayed dry!

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