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Look at these fabulous moving models

Thank you Mr Hodgson for helping us create these amazing models.  We’ve learnt about nets in maths, using ICT to create a model, as well as a vast array of DT skills. We had great fun today seeing how far these models travelled when we tested them on a long ramp in the hall.  Some of us were surprised how the shape/size affected how far they travelled.  What do you think to them?  Which bit of the process did you enjoy best, children?


    • BStanley

      I’m glad Sophie has enjoyed the project. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the models made and all the learning that has gone into this project. Three cheers for Mr Hodgson for planning and teaching this learning project and to Mrs McKnight for all her help too!

    • BStanley

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it Aaron. Have you told Mr Hodgson how much you’ve enjoyed it? I wonder what we will do next in DT? Have you got some ideas for projects?

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