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Stepping Back in Time…

What a fabulous morning Eagles had at Scruton Station, with an amazing team of volunteers bringing our past to life for us!  From getting ourselves into character as a class from 100 years ago by dressing the part to immersing ourselves in the activities of the station, there was something for everyone in the visit, and it was a perfect complement to our Local History study of the Wensleydale Railway.

We explored our own local history by investigating the census records for Scruton station cottages from 1911, and studied the timetables to work out how goods would have been transported from Scruton to stations around Britain.  There was an opportunity to handle and discuss genuine artefacts, and to get involved with some of the tasks that would have been involved in sending and receiving parcels and packages by train.  This was all done with humour, interest and enthusiasm, so a big thank you to everyone involved in bringing this to life for us. You did a fabulous job.


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